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Almost 30% of Small Businesses Go Out of Business Due to Cash Flow Issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Yes, a business bank account is required.

No, there is no minimum credit score required.

Any business related expenses except the purchase of residential real estate (commercial real estate purchases are OK).

Typical offers are around 125% of gross revenue averaged over the most recent 3-6 month period.

No, but lenders really like our services because they know we increase your sales.

We won’t know until your funding rep reviews offers with you, but rates and terms are always competitive.

Yes, that’s why we’re doing this. Our services are designed for businesses that want predictable growth.

Yes, it’s a loan.

Yes. Use the chat to ask about becoming a referral partner.

Loans from $1.5K to $1B

Get the money you need so you can grow your business.

Quick Application Process

You can get funded in as little as 48 hours

Low Interest Rates

Well qualified businesses can get rates as low as 0%

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